• Service-Based Remote Pi Recording
    Utilizing a service based design to search for connectable devices on the network, in this case looking Raspberry Pi Cameras to connect to
  • Remotely capturing on the Pi – Part Three
    Finish the remote Raspberry Pi recording tool allowing to trigger and preview data over the network from multiple clients
  • Remotely capturing on the Pi – Part Two
    Expand the Raspberry Pi recording tool with extra features, async processing and timecode!
  • Remotely capturing on the Pi – Part One
    In this 3 part series, we’re going to look at utilizing a $10 Raspberry Pi zero as a remote wireless video recorder, perfect for a wide host of applications which I will explore more in my next series. In the first part, we will go through the initial setup of the Raspberry Pi, creating a simple Qt powered code interface, add in a basic GUI to preview the camera as well as the ability to start, stop and save & transcode the HD video. Part two is all about using what we’ve done in part one and expanding the functionality,… Read more: Remotely capturing on the Pi – Part One
  • Lighting the cross-application signal beacons
    A look at how MongoDB can be used to create Signals across Qt applications worldwide!
  • Empowering Visual Studio with Qt
    A short guide on how to setup Qt with Visual Studios to give you the best pairing of IDE and Framework!
  • Porting Py-Code to C-Code
    Take a look at the ease and issues that come with porting a Python Qt tool to a C++ Qt Application
  • Painting on a panel – Revisited
    Look at re-writing an 8 year old paint tool, now using Qt based models, custom widgets to make easy to expand and use!
  • Making brighter Futures with Qt
    Building a Qt powered Futures class to allow for easy offloading tasks to keep the main thread freer
  • Holding for the Applause (Signal)
    A quick look at how we can utilize Qt’s amazing multi-threading power even with simple main thread only script!
  • Plugin class architecture
    A look into a Plugin based design pattern for Python for to allow for easy expansion of code simply by adding a python file.
  • The QPower of QProcess
    Unleashing the power of QProcess for easier python parallelization of external processes
  • Breaking out of the Code!
    A brief look into the pdb module in python for debugging problematic production code.