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My name is Geoff Samuel; I am currently a Senior Motion Capture/ Techart Tools Developer for Rockstar Games in New York where I work on the tools and pipeline surrounding the recording, assertatization and clean up of motion capture data and animation.

This web site is my online portfolio and a source of all the scripts and plug-ins I have written for Maya, 3ds Max and Motion Builder. As well as scripts and C++ projects there are video tutorials guiding you through scripting, motion capture and other visual effects tricks.

Feel free to check out all my latest projects and scripts.

Please don’t hesitate to email me about anything on this web site, at Info@GeoffSamuel.com


Geoff Samuel

Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Trailer #3

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New Version of PyC3D

I have just pushed a new MAJOR version of PyC3D with much better compatibility for a wider range of c3d files from different companies. It can be downloaded from Download here . For more on the PyC3D project, check out it's project page here .

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Blade Random Methods Released!

Here I present methods for Vicon Blade to create random numbers with. Functionality that I think was sorely missing from Blade.

For more information, please checkout the project here

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