Rig Helper - Overview

Platform: Maya 2012, PyQt
Status: Released
Address: www.GeoffSamuel.com/Scrip_Files.php?proj=9

Rig Helper is a simple and quick to use tool, allowing Riggers and Technical Animatiors the ability to create useful and intuative Spine shapes that could drive a rig or other animation constraints.
The tool comes pre-loaded with a range of different shapes from cubes to hand and feet icons, and is easily extandable to include more shapes with little effort.

Download Link

Rig Helper for Maya 2012 can be downloaded here

How to Install and Use

To install and use the Rig Helper, you will need PyQt and Qt for maya 2012 installed on your computer. I have a tutorial for doing this under the tutorial section of my website.
You will need to extract both files, and need to edit the .PY file, chaning the path to the .UI file under the line:
uifile = 'G:/3D work/Python Scripts/Rig Helper/Rig_Helper_UI.ui'
Running the python script will open the tool.

Version 2.0.1 Released

Version 2.0.1 has been released and can be downloaded here.

Version 2.x boosts a whole new UI, non-hardcoded shapes, and a management system to allow for multiple shape libraries with different shapes, and the ability to save and store custom shapes.

Source Code

For the latest code for the Rig Control Maker, checkout the GIT repo at here.