PyC3D - Overview

Platform: File IO library

Platform: Python
Status: Released - v2.0.0

PyC3D is a library for reading and writing to C3D files. These are point cloud data that usually is used to store Motion Capture Data.
As a pure python Library, it can be used across all python versions and platforms, and is easy enough to tie into your chosen application.
The new 2.0.0 release boasts much wider compatibility with c3d files from different software venders and applications.

Version 2.0.0 Download Link

The 2.0.0 release can be downloaded as a zip file here.

To Install

To install, simply extract/place the PyC3D folder into PythonRoot Lib/site-packages folder. Alternatively creating a new folder independent of the Maya folder and adding it’s path to the environment variable ‘PYTHONPATH ‘ will yield the same result and will allow the library to be across multiple python interfaces such as Standalone Python, Nuke, Motion Builder and Maya.
To install for Maya, simply extract/place the PyC3D folder into Maya root Folder/Python/Lib/site-packages folder.

Source Code

For the bleeding latest source code, the GIT repo can be checked out at

Download Link

PyC3D v1.1 can be downloaded from Download here