Agent First Brain Video

We at Black Shack Studios have been busy working away on Agent - Crowd Control, and today we are pleased to be showing the first video of the Agent Brain, and how you can use it.

The Brain was a tricky area to do as our goal with agent is to allow for full use of the Agent plug-in without any code, so we chose to use a node based interface to allow users to describe how their agents work. To create a flexible brain, we developed apron the research of using agent vision to work out what the Agent will do, and choose a fuzzy based system to control this, but on top of this is a finite state machine to direct what fuzzy commands are being evaluated, making the process quicker and getting results faster.

Please check out our latest video "Agent - Teaching the Masses".

Agent - Teaching the Masses from Black Shack Studios on Vimeo.

More information can be found at here