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Tutorial 2: Makeing Nodes


The first step is to create a node, to do it, move the mouse cursor to the the top menu bar.

Selecting a type of node function will give us a list of all the nodes within that function group.

By selecting any of the nodes types, that node will become creatable and the bar at the bottom of the screen should now become green.

Left clicking on any blank slate space will create one of these nodes, and a new one will be created everytime you left click until you right click.

In this example we have created two nodes, an INPUT INTERGER and an OUTPUT NUMBER.

By left clicking on the square next to the number on the INPUT INTERGER node, and hoding down the mouse button, a line will appear.

Moving the mouse over the green square on the OUTPUT NUMBER and letting go of the mouse button will create a line between the two nodes.

If we now change the number on the INPUT INTERGER you will see it update in the OUTPUT NUMBER .

This is the main principle behind graphical math, and we hope that following this short tutorial you will understand the key concept underpinning the application.